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Version 1 – 22nd June 2021




The IIFA FIATA Diploma in Freight Forwarding is an internationally recognised qualification. FIATA, the International Federation of Freight Forwarders’ Associations, based in Geneva, Switzerland, set the global minimum standards for FIATA Diploma in Freight Forwarding programmes. IIFA have developed an Irish version of this programme with localised content that also meets the minimum global industry knowledge standards set by FIATA. FIATA have authorised IIFA to deliver and award FIATA Diplomas in FIATA’s name, within the territory of the Republic of Ireland.


The IIFA FIATA Diploma is delivered across 10 modules of 3 – 4 weeks duration each. Participants will have their learning assessed on a continuous basis, through online multiple-choice tests, practical assignments and a final written examination. The grading for this programme is as follows:


  • 40% - represents the combined total of monthly practical assignments and online multiple-choice tests
  • 60% - represents the result of the Final, written examination

Successful Participants who satisfy the assessment requirements set by IIFA will be awarded a FIATA Diploma certificate from FIATA. Within Ireland, there will be 4 levels of Award for the Diploma:


  • Distinction – 81% - 100%
  • Merit – 66% - 80%
  • Pass – 50% - 65%
  • Fail 0% – 49%


Please note that FIATA Diploma certificates will not feature these Award levels.


This document comprises the rules and regulations governing participation with the Irish version of the IIFA FIATA Diploma in Freight Forwarding, including:

  •  Assessments
  • Minimum Assessment Requirements + Failure Scenarios
  • Penalties for Plagiarism
  • Copyright of the Training Materials and Resources
  • Data Protection
  • Publication of Graduate Names





Participants are continuously assessed through monthly practical assignments, online multiplechoice tests and a final written examination


Monthly Module Assignments

Each monthly assignment must be entirely composed of a Participant’s own original work. Training manuals and webinars may be and are expected to be used as support by Participants when completing these assignments. Participants may not submit assignments completed with the support of other persons or through utilisation of materials from previous FIATA Diploma Graduates.


Online Multiple-Choice Tests

Online multiple-choice tests will be available at set times, 6pm – 8pm on dates indicated in advance. Participants will have 30 minutes within that window to undertake their online test. Online tests close at 8pm, which means that online tests commenced at 7:45pm will have only 15 minutes for completion.

Online multiple-choice tests will have questions randomised from a pool of available questions larger in number than the questions available within each multiple-choice test (50). While available remotely and randomised in the manner stated above, Participants are required to undertake these multiple-choice tests independently and may not work with others when completing their online multiple-choice tests.


Final Written Exam

Upon completion of the final online multiple-choice test, there will be a 3 – 4 week study period before the date of the Final Written Examination. The Final Written Exam will comprise multiple sections, based on the modules studied throughout the course. There will be no multiple-choice questions as part of the final Exam. Questions within the Final Exam will be closer in alignment to the Monthly Module Assignments. Examination papers from previous year Groups will not be made available as study aids.


Time Limits

Deadlines and cut-off dates will be advised in advance to Participants.


Assignments are due by midday the day before the set online Multiple-Choice test for an active Module. Late Assignments will only be accepted by the close of the week (Friday, 6pm) they are due and will incur a -10% mark penalty. Module Assignments will not be accepted after that point.


Online tests are open for the duration of the window highlighted above (6pm – 8pm). Online multiple-choice tests will not be re-opened once they have closed on the date specified.


IIFA respects that Participants can encounter unforeseen and genuine difficulties during their long period of study. Should any Participant experience such circumstances, please engage with the Association Course Providers in a timely manner so that they can arrange for and provide the appropriate supports.


Minimum Assessment Requirements + Failure Scenarios

Given the continuous assessment nature of the IIFA FIATA Diploma course, all modules throughout the programme must be passed (achieve a minimum grade of 50%). Participants who fail a monthly module will be offered 1x further attempt to complete that module; a second opportunity to complete the online multiple-choice test and also a second attempt at an alternative assignment, based on the same module. Such second opportunities will be eligible for a maximum grade of 50% of the available online multiple-choice test marks and a maximum grade of 50% of the marks available for the Assignment.


Participants who have failed to submit all assignments and complete all online multiple-choice tests for 2 or more modules a clear 7 days from the date of the Final Examination will not be eligible to sit the Final Examination.


Should a Participant complete the assignments and online tests for each of the 10 modules and fail to achieve the required pass grade for at least 8 of the monthly assessments and/or the required pass grade for the Final Exam paper, they will not be successful in attaining the FIATA Diploma in Freight Forwarding.


Penalties for Plagiarism

Should a Participant be found to have completed/ submitted Assignment work that was not their own/ was completed by another, their grades for that Assignment test will be forfeited against the module in question (resulting in zero marks). Should such actions be found to have occurred a second time, the Participant may continue with the training for their own education and selfdevelopment, but they will not be in a position to be awarded a FIATA Diploma upon completion of the course.


Copyright of the Training Materials and Resources

All training materials including the training manuals, the content, examples within, their appendices, the monthly module assignments and their model answers, the webinars and all additional material made available through Moodle are set and prepared on behalf of Irish International Freight Association shall be the property and copyright of Irish International Freight Association.


Data Protection

All submitted monthly assignments, online assessments and final examination papers shall be preserved for 13 months from the date of completion of the course (day of the Final Written Exam). The course commences on Registration Evening and concludes on the day of the Final Written Examination.


When this 13 month period expires, all such materials will be confidentially destroyed/ deleted.


IIFA FIATA Diploma enrolment sheets will be retained by the Association for future reference and award clarification purposes.


Upon completion of the course, it will be necessary for Participants to submit a document entitled Application Form for The Fiata Diploma In Freight Forwarding to FIATA. IIFA will distribute, collect and communicate these documents to FIATA, who will then hold the submitted information on file as appropriate.


Should successful Graduates of the IIFA FIATA Diploma seek to utilise the IIFA FIATA Diploma as an academic reference, IIFA will provide the following information to Recruiters/ Potential Employers:

  • Confirmation of Participant’s Name
  • Confirmation of whether the Diploma was successfully attained
  • Dates during which the Diploma was undertaken by the Participant


IIFA will only release such information to interested parties when written (e-mail) confirmation has been received in advance by the Participant, authorising IIFA to provide such information when requested.


Publication of Graduate Names

Successful Graduates will be featured on the IIFA FIATA Diploma Graduates’ page of the IIFA website, visible via the below link:


Graduates who would choose to not be featured/ listed on the Graduates’ page, can request to have their details removed by written instruction to the Association Secretariat via





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