Content of Zoom Sessions




Week 1 - Session A

Academic for 90 minutes covering;

EORI, Classification, Duty + Taxes, EU TARIC, an Example of using TARIC, the importance of Legal Representation in Customs Procedures.

Then 90 minutes of Export Declarations work, using case studies supplied.


Week 1 - Session B

Academic for 90 minutes covering;

Incoterms, Valuation for Customs purposes, Duty + VAT Calculations, Supporting Documents for Customs.

Then a further 90 minutes of Export Declarations work.


Week 2 - Session A

Import Customs Clearance through Revenue Customs new AIS interface. A full overview of the interface is given along with 8 sample Import Declarations to complete.


Week 2 - Session B

Preferential Duty Import Shipments are introduced, including use of the REX System. Sample Declarations are then completed claiming preferential import rates from UK and Candda. 

There is also a presentation on procedures for Road Freight movements between UK + ROI.


Week 3 - Session A

Entry Summary Declarations + Road Freight shipments are covered, with further sample Declarations to complete.


Week 3 - Session B

Difficult Declarations (multi-item and of different origins) along with a Q & A session for Participants.



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