Testimonials for IIFA Customs Training





"This course run by IIFA in conjunction with Enterprise Ireland was very beneficial and by far superior to any other courses/seminars attended, in terms of practical application, to our industry.

The course was co-ordinated very well with everything from the course material to practical sessions and assignments delivered very professionally. The Customs Training Manual will be a resource kept for long term reference in the office. The Computer Lab session was an added bonus as it allowed Companies to explore submission of actual SAD documents using actual Customs Software. This brought the theory to life. Completion of the IIFA course also helped our Company progress our AEO application as it was held in high regard by Revenue."


Bernadette Dolan, Simpli Baked Ltd




"Having completed the IIFA Customs Awareness and Practical SAD Completion Course I would happily recommend the course to anyone who is looking for more information about Customs requirements and procedures. The course content is delivered in a very professional manner and supported by some very constructive study aids."


John Brewer, Logistics & Business Development Manager, Cargocare Ltd




“The course was extremely thorough, relevant to my work and appropriate in length and detail. Through online tuition, lectures and reading manuals, I found it combined the balance of these various methods of training to maximum effectiveness. The manual received is always going to be a vital point of reference going forward, and the course Tutors and Organisers were always keen, willing and approachable throughout and after completion of the course.”


Frankie McKay, Sales and Marketing Executive, Hamilton Shipping (Container Services) Ltd



“Excellent course, valuable relevant content was given to us in a manual which can be used long after the course is over.  Having completed the customs Clearance training course I can now say that I have a greater awareness of Customs.  I would recommend this course to anyone who looking for knowledge on Customs.”


Linda Daly, Operations Manager, Sean Moriarty Transport



“This was an well delivered blended learning course which provided an excellent insight into the whole area of Customs and specifically the accurate completion of a Customs declaration. I would have no issue whatsoever recommending it to anyone involved in imports or exports, even if you never have to complete a Customs declaration, as upon completion you will be know how to check your brokers’ declarations for accuracy.”


Michael Mulligan, Shipping & Customs Specialist, Supply Chain Management, Beckon Dickinson



“I have found this course very useful and practical. I was delighted there were classes provided were I could ask questions and direct and clear answers. I was also very happy that the Lecturer was a practising Logistics Professional and so was able to share his broad knowledge of the subject and not only, he also delivered real life examples and provided us with clear answers, he really knew what he was talking about. The atmosphere he and Grainne created during the first lecture and after, was great and put me on a very optimistic route for the whole duration of the course. I felt really engaged in it and not just “ticking off” another course.”


Kasia Steyn, Professional Irish Freight Forwarder



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