Introduction to Freight Forwarding





Delivered between Irish International Freight Association and Pearse College Dublin



The Introduction to Freight Forwarding is a course which delivers a light touch introduction to the Industry through 3-hour sessions on Wednesday afternoons for 12 weeks. Participants gain an understanding how the Industry works, how each section operates and how they then all connect. 






Fully funded under the Skills to Advance initiative

Zoom via 3-hour afternoon sessions

Next Dates:

Next course to be delivered for 12 weeks, from Wednesday 27th September – Wednesday 13th December 2023

Please contact to register interest with this group

QQI Level 5 Component Award in Freight Forwarding

Persons new to the Industry who wish to gain a wider understanding of Freight Forwarding operations and how the various different Departments connect. This training can also be beneficial to non-operations staff in a Forwarding office, including Human Resources, Accountants, Warehouse Operatives etc… 


2x online tests and a personalised Assignment. The online tests will be based on the content of the slides of the weekly sessions only.


Themes of the weekly sessions:

  • Overview of Freight Forwarding
  • Incoterms, Standard Trading Conditions and other important aspects of Freight Forwarding
  • Insurance for Freight Forwarding
  • Sea Freight Part 1 - Trade Routes, Shipping Lines, General Sea Freight and more
  • Sea Freight Part 2 - Documentation, Calculations demonstration, Consolidation and more
  • Overview of Air Freight 
  • Overview of Road Freight
  • Overview of Customs Clearance
  • Technology and Freight Forwarding
  • Revision Session
  • Final Examination

Some sessions will include Subject Matter Experts as Guest Speakers.


Learning outcomes:
Each session will deliver an overview of a particular area, the key terminology and documentation involved and will have some illustrative examples to bring the material to life via the online delivery system.


Course material is designed and delivered by Irish International Freight Association and its Trainers. The course objectives are in line with the Component Specification NFQ Level 5 Freight Forwarding 5N2728 Award. The full specification for this can be viewed via the below link:
Certificate Specification


Progression options:

A selection of Graduates from the February - May 2023 Group at a Graduate event in the Mansion House, Dublin, organised by Pearse College Dublin. L-R: Conor Quinn, Gaia Manconi, Ciara Law, Christopher Kirkby, Chris Kelly, Vincent Brennan, Lamyae Driouich, Danielle Varley



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