IIFA Customs Clearance and Practical Customs Declaration Completion Course


Irish International Freight Association Customs Training Overview


  • €750 for IIFA Members

Duration: 3 full days:

  • Tuesday 13th August 2024, 09:30am – 4pm

  • Wednesday 14th August 2024, 09:30am – 4pm

  • Thursday 15th August 2024, 09:30am – 4pm

(all in-person in Griffith College, Dublin City Centre* - 25 Wolfe Tone Street, North City, Dublin 1 - off Parnell Street)
*click for Google Maps location


Customs Clearance is a profession in and of itself. It is not possible to complete a Customs Declarations without an understanding of National and EU Rules and Regulations, working knowledge of operational Customs Clearance software and the formalities that are required both in advance of and after submission of a Declaration.

This course offers the opportunity to become a competent Customs Broker by delivering the academic and practical knowledge that is required. Training is delivered through three days of informative lectures and practical Declaration practice periods, accompanied by a 190-page manual.

Use of Customs Clearance software for practice assignments is provided in partnership with Thyme IT.

This course is structured to ensure that learning is achieved, not just consumption of content.

Aim of the Training

This course is designed by professional Customs Brokers in order to raise awareness and understanding within the industry of the role and importance of Customs and how to interface with Customs. This course will feature training on practical completion of Customs Import and Export declarations using live software but also aims to instil an understanding of rules and regulations behind the Customs procedures.

As Ireland’s National Association for Freight Forwarders and Customs Brokers, IIFA is well positioned to design such training, with Industry Experts contributing case studies and offering insight into making the material as practical as possible. Use of Customs Clearance software will give Participants experience with creating Import and Export Declarations and case study assignments issued go further with interrogating the TARIC database, equipping Participants with the skills they will need to create their own Declarations for their Businesses.

Training Resources

Given the complexity of the subject, training is provided in a guided format, with various resources available throughout. With class Groups kept to a maximum of 12, each Participant will receive the following resources:

  • Comprehensive Training and Reference Manual (190 pages)
  • Beyond Customs Declarations; Entry Summary Declarations (ENS) and Revenue’s PBN are incorporated in the training with practical examples to complete.
  • Participation with 3 in-person sessions. The majority of these will cover how to use Thyme IT Customs Clearance software to complete practical Customs Declarations (more on this below).

IIFA delivered a version of this programme to over 300 Irish Freight and Logistics professionals between January 2018 – December 2019. This course has been redesigned to focus on the immediate challenge ahead, while providing reference tools and resources that will become required in the future.

Who is it for?

Importers, Exporters, Freight Forwarders, Transport Operators and those seeking a proactive BREXIT strategy.

In terms of EU Trade, with the UK will becoming a Third Country on 1st January 2021, implementation of the EU Union Customs Code for all goods travelling to and from the UK has come into practice. This training will provide the learning required for individuals to both operate as Customs Brokers or manage working relationships with external Brokers.

Available Supports

IIFA is an approved Service Provider for Intertrade Ireland’s Start to Plan BREXIT Voucher Scheme. Grants of up to €2250 can be availed of via application for this funding. Please see the below link for further information:



Note: Businesses interested in this funding must first make an application to Intertrade and then contact a Training Service Provider with respect to funded training.







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