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2023 IIFA FIATA Diploma Graduation Ceremony

At the close of last month, on Saturday 30th September 2023, Graduates of the 2022 – 2023 IIFA FIATA Diploma in Freight Forwarding gathered in the Carlton Hotel Dublin Airport to celebrate their  success with the 2023 FIATA Diploma Graduation Ceremony.

The 2022 – 2023 class group saw 31 Graduates attain their Diplomas after 10 months of concentrated study. These 31 Graduates undertook the study of procedures and regulations involved in the safe and compliant movement of cargo across international borders, covering all modes of transport and incorporating regulatory areas such as Dangerous Goods and Customs Clearance. The workload for the FIATA Diploma can be intense and challenging. IIFA is proud of those who have attained their qualification and is confident that their enhanced skillset will be an asset over their careers ahead.

IIFA Trophy, as presented to the Graduates of the IIFA FIATA Diploma in Freight Forwarding, 2022-23

Irish International Freight Association’s President, Sandra Morrissey, opened the Graduation and remarked on the enthusiasm in the room for Freight Forwarding. Sandra commented on the many exciting years and challenges ahead for the Graduates, adding that “all of which will help shape you as a person and shape the direction your career will go in. No matter which area you end up in, I can assure you that you will have a career that fulfils your ambitions.” With her own career in Freight Forwarding to reflect on, Sandra added that “Apart from the practical skills, you will also learn the ability and importance of building up relationships with key stakeholders, both internally with your Employer and externally with your customers. This will be of huge benefit to your development both professionally and on a personal level.”

The presentation of Diplomas to Graduates was made by Jack Chambers, Minister of State at the Department of Transport with special responsibility for International and Road Transport and Logistics. Minister Chambers congratulated the Graduates on their achievement and commented on the active role the Graduates will play in connecting Ireland’s cargo flow across the World.

“You are joining a select and specialised group. I understand there have been some 20,000 FIATA Diplomas issued globally since the mid-1990s, and Ireland accounts for 747 of these. I have no doubt you have been well supported on this journey by friends and family and I publicly want to take this opportunity to acknowledge them as well today.”

“Freight Forwarding is an integral component of our supply chains, enabling the export of goods from Ireland to destinations around the world. We are an island nation and our industry connects and binds us to the outside world. This has never been more important. I have no doubt that your upskilling will have a real, practical and essential benefit to supporting Ireland and our economy.”

Each Graduate was also presented with a custom-made Glass Trophy from Irish International Freight Association in recognition of their hard work and success in achieving the FIATA Diploma.

Elizabeth Tavares, with Seamus Kavanagh (IIFA, left) and Minister Jack Chambers (right)

A final presentation was also made to Elizabeth Tavares of IIFA Full Trading Members SEKO Logistics Ireland Ltd. Earlier in the year, Elizabeth stepped forward to represent Ireland with the 2023 FIATA Young Logistics Professional Award (YLP). The YLP is a FIATA initiative to showcase the work of Young Logistics Professionals from across its global membership body. As part of the competition, Elizabeth penned a 6,000 word thesis entitled “5G Technology – Cross Trade Shipping and 3PL Services.” Elizabeth’s thesis is a case study handling 5G telecommunication hardware from Asia to Ireland, where it is tested and configured by Engineers before being exported to the USA. Ultimately, Ireland did not advance from the European section of the 2023 YLP yet within IIFA, Elizabeth’s entry is held in high regard. IIFA Executive Officer Seamus Kavanagh commented that as a competitive entry, Elizabeth’s thesis took a really strong approach to the competition; it was a thoroughly researched piece that was meticulously supported with reference material and freight documentation throughout. IIFA President Sandra Morrissey presented a certificate from FIATA and the TT Club (sponsor of the award) to Elizabeth along with a trophy from IIFA in appreciation of Elizabeth’s efforts to represent Ireland with this important global competition.

Saturday 30th September 2023 was the 15th FIATA Diploma celebration held by IIFA. With 19 of 31 Graduates along with their many Friends and Family members present, there was a wonderful atmosphere of celebration for the hard work of the Graduates and appreciation for the future of the Irish Freight Forwarding and Customs Brokerage industry.

The 2023 – 2024 IIFA FIATA Diploma course is underway, having commenced on 30th August 2023 with 40 persons as part of this group.

Ciara Horgan with Minister Jack Chambers

Clodagh Ward with Minister Jack Chambers

Conor Gately with Minister Jack Chambers

David Joyce with Minister Jack Chambers

Dayane Dias Da Silva with Minister Jack Chambers

Dylan Sweeney with Minister Jack Chambers

Fabiana Stephani Santos De Farias with Minister Jack Chambers

John Wood with Minister Jack Chambers

Josh Howard with Minister Jack Chambers

Julia McConville with Minister Jack Chambers

Kallan Plunkett with Minister Jack Chambers

Katarzyna Mueller with Minister Jack Chambers

Lais Reis Chamarelli with Minister Jack Chambers

Maria de Jesus Balderas Hernandez with Minister Jack Chambers

Mateus Zavatini Da Silva with Minister Jack Chambers

Michael Barden with Minister Jack Chambers

Nicola Payne with Minister Jack Chambers

Sean Croly with Minister Jack Chambers

Shanaka Prasad Delgahage with Minister Jack Chambers

IIFA President Sandra Morrissey and Elizabeth Tavares

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