19th May 2023
On 17th May 2023, the European Commission put forward proposals for the most ambitious and comprehensive reform of the EU Customs Union since its establishment in 1968.
21st December 2021
Customers and Hauliers encouraged to prepare for the end of staged customs controls
17th December 2021
CLECAT Director General investigating this initiative's compliancy with EU competition law
12th July 2021
Forwarders’ Associations call on OECD governments to prevent tax avoidance and ensure a level playing field for all maritime supply chain stakeholders
31st May 2021
CLECAT highlights three specific areas to improve bilateral trade and provide much needed ease for businesses
8th April 2021
CLECAT look ahead to what future considerations should be made following the EverGreen Suez Canal blockage
27th January 2021
13th January 2021
16th August 2020
Attention is Drawn Toward Overlooked but Administrative Heavy Customs Formalities such as Safety & Security Declarations
4th June 2020
11th May 2020
Freight Forwarding Representative Bodies view the significance of this ruling for the future
1st April 2020
27th March 2020
Actions for Consignor / Consignee + Drivers at Loading/ Unloading Sites
19th March 2020
Measures aimed at customs formalities to ensure flow of essential goods across EU
18th March 2020
Mr van der Schalk addresses COVID-19 outbreak and its impact on the Supply Chain
21st May 2019
European Freight Association promotes benefits of EU Member to Logistics Industry
1st March 2019
Tom Thornton shares Irish Freight and Logistics industry preparation details with European Freight Colleagues
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