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Celebrating Young Talents in Logistics - FIATA and TT Club announce Winners of the Young Logistics Professionals (YLP) Award 2023

FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations and TT Club, the leading international freight transport insurer, are excited to unveil this year's outstanding regional achievers of the Young Logistics Professionals (YLP) Award 2023.

The 2023 regional winners are:

  • Region Africa and Middle East: Andre Hein Gerber, SAAFF, South Africa
  • Region Americas: Viktoriia Rudyk, CIFFA, Canada
  • Region Asia-Pacific: Hasbi Bin Yaakob, SLA, Singapore
  • Region Europe: Nils von Salzen, DSLV, Germany

FIATA and TT Club express their heartfelt congratulations to the four regional winners and acknowledge the paramount importance of such competitions that encourage young people to showcase their talents and dedication in the logistics industry. By participating in the YLP Award, these young professionals have not only demonstrated their profound knowledge but also honed their skills.

The YLP Award is significant in inspiring and nurturing the next generation of logistics professionals. This year again, exceptional dissertations were submitted by the winners, which not only capture the intricacies of the global supply chain but also consider diverse parameters, displaying their ingenuity and commitment.

Ireland was represented in this competition by Elizabeth Tavares of IIFA Full Trading Member SEKO Logistics Ireland Ltd. Elizabeth’s thesis, 5G Technology - Cross Trade Shipping and 3PL Services, focused on the connectivity and opportunities offered by 5G technology. The thesis detailed how Freight Forwarders can utilise this technology in their service offerings and also acts as a case study in the challenges in moving this IT equipment for Clients. Elizabeth has put together an engaging cargo movement with meticulously supported documentation, a thesis IIFA was proud to see represent Ireland and compete alongside the other European Regional Candidates. IIFA congratulates Elizabeth Tavares and her colleagues who supported her from SEKO Logistics Ireland Ltd for their efforts and thanks them for representing Ireland for 2023.

FIATA and TT Club are delighted to continue encouraging and celebrating the brilliance and dynamism of YLP and recognise the invaluable experience and exposure gained through such competitions, paving the way for these young professionals to make a positive impact on the industry's future. Both organisations eagerly look forward to resuming the physical competition format, this year again, providing an enriching experience for the regional winners at the FIATA World Congress in Brussels, Belgium. The event offers a unique opportunity for them to immerse themselves fully in the freight forwarding community, fostering valuable connections and furthering their careers.

Belgium, known for its strategic location at the heart of Europe, plays a crucial role in the logistics landscape, serving as a major gateway for trade and commerce. By participating in this prestigious event in Brussels, the regional winners will gain valuable insights into the intricacies of the Belgian logistics industry, further enhancing their understanding of global supply chains and exploring new avenues for collaboration and growth.

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