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FIATA Launches Model Agreement for PLACI Multiple Filing Bilateral Arrangements

FIATA, the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations, is pleased to announce the launch of the FIATA Model Agreement on multiple filing bilateral arrangements for Pre-Loading Advance Cargo Information (PLACI) regimes (“Model Agreement”). The Model Agreement has been developed with the input of air carriers, and multinational and SME freight forwarding companies to clarify parties’ responsibilities and facilitate successful compliance in the complex reporting environment when using the option of “multiple filing”. 

Multiple filing is a key feature introduced under new pre-loading advance cargo information (PLACI) regimes, such as the European Union’s Import Control System 2 (ICS-2), providing the opportunity to reinforce PLACI regimes as crucial risk-based trade facilitation measures. By opting for multiple filing, freight forwarders can directly file house-level information themselves, whilst air carriers file the master-level information. This allows for information to be provided in an expeditious manner by the party first in possession of that information, facilitating enhanced data quality and data sovereignty.

The multi-layered nature of such PLACI reporting requirements mean that a well-defined bilateral agreement is essential to ensure proper coordination and communication between air carriers and forwarders when submitting data to the relevant authorities. The FIATA Model Agreement was developed within a multi-stakeholder industry group in response to industry demand to facilitate successful compliance with complex PLACI regimes such as the EU ICS-2 Release 2. As set out in the FIATA Model Agreement and its accompanying Explanatory Note, the Model Agreement provides both parties with a basis for bilateral contractual negotiation and can be adapted for application to current and future PLACI regimes around the world. Whilst it has been developed to meet the needs of airfreight, it can also be adapted for other transport modes. 

FIATA Director General Dr Stéphane Graber said: "The launch of FIATA's Model Bilateral Agreement for Multiple Filing underscores FIATA's commitment to streamlining global trade processes through multi-stakeholder solutions. By clarifying roles and responsibilities between freight forwarders and air carriers, this agreement enhances efficiency and ensures compliance with evolving PLACI regimes worldwide such as the EU’s ICS-2, whilst strengthening data quality and preserving data sovereignty."

FIATA continues to work actively to ensure that current and future PLACI regimes are fit-for-purpose, and strongly encourages regulatory authorities worldwide to develop regimes that incorporate multiple filing, in the interests of international trade. 

Access the Model Agreement and its accompanying Explanatory Note in the FIATA Members Area under the Resources tab.
For more information on the Model Agreement and its implementation, please contact

FIATA expresses its gratitude to the experts of the working group for their valuable contributions and support in drafting the Model Agreement.

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