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Postcodes Required for EORI Registrations

Revenue Customs issued a new eCustoms Helpdesk Notification on Friday 7th June 2024. Noficiation 15/2024 – Eircode/Postcode required for EORI registrations follows a compliance review conducted by Revenue. IIFA previously alerted members to the change in EORI records last December, noting the change that will impact AES and NCTS from 1st February 2024. This article includes links to the EORI Guidance Document, the EORI National Implementation, and presentations on incomplete EORI records and EORI related issues. Members are encouraged to review this article on EORI Records should they have any questions.

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Following the compliance review, Revenue have noted a new date of 15th September 2024 when EORI validation in EU systems is introduced.

To date, a large number of Irish registered EORI numbers are non-compliant (i.e. they do not contain an Eircode/postcode), which could potentially causes rejections for Customs Declarations and Transits.

Instructions from Revenue

Traders are advised to take the following steps:

Check that EORI record has an Eircode

Traders who are unsure if their records contain a valid Eircode should validate their EORI number on the website of the European Commission, at the following link:

A blue and white box with black textDescription automatically generated

If consent to publish name and address information was not given at the time of registering for an EORI number, and if traders are unsure if their EORI registration contains an Eircode, please contact the Revenue helpdesk at

Update address on ROS

Traders can update their address on ROS to ensure they are compliant with the requirement to include an Eircode in their address. For those unsure how to update their address, Revenue have provided the following instructions:

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