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Introduction to Freight Forwarding full with second session added

The Spring Introduction to Freight Forwarding course, delivered by IIFA in association with Pearse College Dublin, will commence this week with two full class groups. Originally set only for Wednesday afternoons, demand for this popular course was high and a second sitting was organised. There will be separate Wednesday afternoon and Friday mornings sessions, totalling 31 Participants across both groups.

This course will run until the end of April 2024. The next sitting for the Introduction to Freight Forwarding will be in September 2024 and registration for same will open during the summer months.

The Introduction to Freight Forwarding course delivers a light touch introduction to the Freight Forwarding Industry through 3-hour sessions, once a week for 12 weeks. Participants gain an understanding how the Industry works, how each section operates and how they then all connect. This will the fifth offering of this programme which has proved very popular with IIFA Members. Through association with Pearse College Dublin, this course is free for IIFA Members through funding under the Skills to Advance initiative. Successful completion leads to a QQI Level 5 Component Award in Freight Forwarding.

The learning objectives of the weekly sessions are as follows:

  • Overview of Freight Forwarding
  • Incoterms, Standard Trading Conditions and other important aspects of Freight Forwarding
  • Insurance for Freight Forwarding
  • Sea Freight Part 1 Trade Routes, Shipping Lines, General Sea Freight and more
  • Sea Freight Part 2 Documentation, Calculations demonstration, Consolidation and more
  • Overview of Air Freight 
  • Overview of Road Freight
  • Overview of Customs Clearance
  • Technology and Freight Forwarding
  • Revision Session
  • Final Examination

Within IIFA we are proud to offer a light touch course which has proved so popular with Members. Participants have ranged from new entry operations staff to long-serving support roles such as Accounts Professionals, Human Resources staff and other non-operations areas. We wish the new 31 Participants all the next as they begin their education journey across the next 12 weeks.


Introduction to Freight Forwarding

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