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17th December 2021
CLECAT Director General investigating this initiative's compliancy with EU competition law
17th November 2021
17 of the 41 Graduates were able to attend and gathered with the IIFA Secretariat and President in the grounds of Digital Office Centre Swords, the new home of the IIFA Office, for a warm and light hearted gathering on Saturday 13th November 2021.
18th October 2021
Dublin Ferryport Terminals (DFT) awarded licence to operate at new logistics hub which will add 20% container handling capacity
23rd September 2021
A free 12 step toolkit to help SMEs strengthen their Cybersecurity defences is made available
23rd September 2021
A significant achievement for this indigenous Independent Freight and Logistics Business
11th August 2021
Young Forwarders from Canada, Pakistan, South Africa and Spain advance to the final competition
30th July 2021
Illegal trade of Wildlife products is said to be valued between $7-23 Billion USD per Year
29th July 2021
Extension of popular Ro-Ro feeder Freight service linking Cork with Zeebrugge, Belgium
19th July 2021
FIATA calls for proportionate and fair charges to ensure a level playing field for the fluidity of international trade
12th July 2021
Forwarders’ Associations call on OECD governments to prevent tax avoidance and ensure a level playing field for all maritime supply chain stakeholders
30th June 2021
Terry Sweeney succeeds Bob Rainsford as new President for the Association
31st May 2021
CLECAT highlights three specific areas to improve bilateral trade and provide much needed ease for businesses
25th May 2021
• Transport of general cargo and part loads to every European country • Processing and organisation via a uniform IT platform • Operational start of Paneco in July
14th May 2021
75% reduction in emissions for Freight by Rail – Minister Ryan welcomes climate-friendly option for Industry
13th May 2021
Accreditation will bring Supply Chain benefits to both Woodland and their Clients
7th May 2021
Applications will now be accepted up until 31 August 2021
20th April 2021
Unitised trade with GB down -29% but trade with EU up +18%
14th April 2021
New Collaboration aims to help Businesses enjoy Frictionless Trade between the EU and Great Britain
12th April 2021
SEKO's 30,000 sq ft Dublin facility aids development of Peli BioThermal in Irish pharmaceutical market
9th April 2021
FIATA looks at the insurance implications arising from this and the role to be played by Freight Forwarders
8th April 2021
CLECAT look ahead to what future considerations should be made following the EverGreen Suez Canal blockage
29th March 2021
FIATA looks ahead at the domino effect this situation will have
27th January 2021
27th January 2021
New requirement for all commercial vehicle drivers travelling on Ferries from Ireland to France comes into effect from Thursday
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