IIFA Coronavirus Update Centre

Global Supply-Chains aim to remain strong amid Pandemic

Information on this ongoing Pandemic is available from many sources. With this IIFA Coronavirus Update Centre, IIFA aims to host links to Information sources specifically applicable to the Freight, Logistics, Supply-Chain and Customs Brokerage industries and the Business of IIFA Member companies.

Returning to Work

On 9th May 2020, the Return to Work Safety Protocol was published, containing guidance for both Employers and Employees in handling further preventative measures for the future.


A useful addition to this has been published by the Health & Safety Authority in the form of templates and checklists for Businesses returning to operations. Itemised planning and various control measures are listed within these documents along with suggestions for delegating responsibility and actions to be taken. Guidance is provided for both Employers and Employees on how best they both can work to prevent the spread of COVID19 in the workplace.



Department of Health – COVID-19 Guidance for Supply Chain Workers

The guidance covers previously issued advice on hygiene procedures but also goes further with key principles for preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. There is a section on signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and how the virus is spread. It goes further into what a Business should do if an essential worker becomes unwell and believes they have been exposed to COVID19. There is a section on Freight and Haulage sector, focusing primarily on Drivers how details how Warehousing staff should receive Drivers, handle paperwork and the supports which should be made available to support those working proactively together in the Supply Chain. Finally, there are specific sections on Maritime/ Shipping and Aviation.

The document can be accessed by clicking here. 

Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport

On Friday 3rd April 2020, a document entitled COVID-19 – The importance of maintaining all links in supply chains was been issued. The document clarifies that all parties due receipt of cargo, including those Businesses deemed Non-Essential that are temporarily closed, should make arrangements to receive ordered Cargo, thus aiding the operational flow of the Supply-Chain for essential Food and Medical Supplies.

An FAQ on COVID19 Maritime issues can be accessed via this link. 

DTTAS Transport Measures in response to COVID19 can be accessed here. They include Aviation, Land Transport and Maritime measures, covering Extension of validity periods for licences, ratings, and certificates for Aviation, extension of Driver CPC, Temporary relaxation of EU driving and resting time rules and other useful notices.

Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade – 24hr helpline

DFA has advised that they are available to support any Haulier who may need assistance when overseas. They have put in place a new dedicated line for COVID19 with staff manning this number on a 24-hour basis: +353(0)16131733.

Updated travel advice from DFA is available here.

Department of Business, Enterprise & Innovation – Government Supports + telephone helpline

A list of Government supports for and actions COVID-19 impacted Businesses can take is available here.

A Business Continuity Planning: Checklist of preparatory actions in responding to COVID-19 is available here.

These services are also aided by a helpline via +353(0)16312002.

Revenue (Finance & Customs)

Information on Tax Returns, Application of Interest, Debt Enforcement and Tax Clearance is available here. For those involved in Import Customs Clearance, please note the following:

“critical pharmaceutical products and medicines will be given a Customs ‘green routing’ to facilitate uninterrupted importation and supply.”

On Saturday 25th April 2020, AEP-Notification 009-2020 stated that the previous regulation on exportation of protective equipment (PPE) would end on 26th April 2020. A new regulation is then in place for 30 days from 26th April 2020. Certain types of PPE still require an authorisation for export from Dept. Business, Enterprise and Innovation (Protective spectacles and visors, Mouth-nose-protection equipment and Protective garments).

See Annex 1 (page 7 of 9 on the below) for the full list of products and classification codes.


The appropriate procedure codes for export are included within the notice, which can be accessed by clicking here.

On Friday 3rd April 2020, AEP-Notification 006-2020 stated that importation of Non-EU goods to combat the effects of COVID-19 can be made without the payment of Customs Duty and Value-Added Tax (VAT). This applies to Imports from 30th January 2020 to 31st July 2020. This relief is open to State or State approved Bodies however there are restrictions on what goods can qualify for the relief. The full notification can be read via this link here.

On Wednesday 1st April 2020, AEP-Notification 005-2020 original documentation in support of Customs Declarations will be accepted in scanned format to clear consignments during the current COVID-19 situation. This does not reply to Quota licences. Scanned documents must be submitted through MyEnquiries but be retained if requested for later inspection. These arrangements are only applicable for the period of the COVID19 emergency.  The full notification can be read via this link here.

On Friday 20th March 2020, AEP-Notification 004-2020 was issued, which stated that the exportation of certain protective items outside the territory of the EU now requires an export Authorisation. Such items include protective spectacles and visors, face shields, mouth-nose-protection equipment, protective garments and gloves. The full notification can be read via this link here.

FIATA – practical guides

FIATA has a dedicated section of its website for COVID19 resources, which can be accessed via the link below:


Two resources of practical use by Freight Forwarders are the below recently published documents:

Left with abandoned goods: What’s next?


Invoking force majeure in the coronavirus crisis: Some practical tips


IRU Global Freight Transport Updates

International Road Transport Union (IRU) issue a news flash on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact to Freight and Passenger Transport in affected regions of the World. The document entitled Impact on freight and passenger transport of the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is regularly updated and is accessible via the below webpage:


Health Service Executive

An Overview guidance on the coronavirus is available here.

A separate section on Mental Health during this difficult time is available here.

Public Health and advice posters which can be printed and displayed on Business premesis can be accessed here.

European Commission links and guidance documents 

A dedicated webpage with updated information on the response to the coronavirus


Connecting from the above, a dedicated section on the Transport sector


Guidelines for border management measures to protect health and ensure the availability of goods and essential services are available here

Further to the above, on 23rd March 2020, the EU Commission issued additional guidance on the implementation of the EU Green Lanes to protect health and ensure the availability of goods during this pandemic.

European Organisation for Forwarding, Logistics, Transport and Customs Services

On 26th March 2020, ESC + CLECAT drafted Health and Safety recommendations in Road Freight Transport during Covid19, whcih can be accessed here